October 2017                   From the Rectory

Dear Friends,

Supposing you were asked to share a pearl of wisdom ó one lesson, one truth that you have learnt about life. What would that be? Iíve heard a few pearls recently: 'Time flies, so enjoy every day of your life and make the most of it'; 'Most of the things we worry about never happen'; 'Follow your dream'.

Some classic songs have tried to pass on a parentís pearl of wisdom to their child: 'Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye', 'Ke sera sera, whatever will be will be', 'Wear sunscreen'. Go on then, what would your pearl of wisdom be? Another one Iíve heard recently is 'If you want to really succeed in life, be a good person'. The trouble is that once we start all kinds of thoughts come to mind. We might feel we could write a book full of insight and advice. The trouble is we donít.

How is the next generation going to find its way through life? To answer that maybe we should recall how we were prepared for our journey through life. Instead of pearls of wisdom maybe what really helped was the example of someone whom we respected. In ancient times people would often gather together as a family or tribe and remember their ancestors ó to remember their elders and betters and to seek guidance by recalling their achievements. Storytelling used to be important with family stories being passed down from one generation to the next. This is the essence of Halloween celebrations.

Sunday 29th October is All Saints/All Souls weekend and we give thanks to God for loved ones who have journeyed on from this life to the next. The altar will be covered in lights, reminding us that even in the darkest hours, faith and hope live on. The promises of God lovingly re-assure us of the joys of heaven. If you wish to have a candle lit for a loved one, and their name mentioned in the prayers, please let me know at the Rectory before Sunday 22nd October. I will need your name, their name, and the connection between you.

Finally, remember that Godís guidance is not a set of words but a person. In wanting to know what life is about and how to live it we look to Jesus and recall his story.
                                   John Ganjavi